• Applications are received after the announcement of the program.
  • A preliminary evaluation is carried out by our expert team.
  • At the end of the last evaluation made with the Yıldız Technopark Incubation center, the initiatives to be incubated are determined.


  • Selected insurtechs are taken to one week-long insurtech training.
  • Experienced consultants review and redesign business, product and marketing strategies.
  • An action plan is prepared for each Start-Up by the Program Director.


  • After incubation, each Start-Up introduces themselves and describes their projects in a special event attended by the leaders and investors of the insurance industry.
  • Insurtech Hub provides advice and support in meetings with potential partners and investors.


  • The Program Director prepares progress and evaluation reports.
  • Insurtech Hub provides advertising and marketing support in the local and international arena.


  • Start-Ups are evaluated for the Insurtech Hub Investment Fund after that complete the program.
  • Insurtech Hub actively promotes Start-Ups through various channels and events.
  • Insurance companies, investors and angel investors are informed about the progress of Start-Ups.