With you at ITC Vegas 2022! May 21

With you at ITC Vegas 2022!

ITC Vegas is the world's largest insurtech event and offers unparalleled access to the most comprehensive and global meeting of tech entrepreneurs, investors and insurance industry officials. For three days, the industry will come together to showcase new innovations, learn how to increase productivity and reduce costs, and ultimately enrich the lives of policyholders. Outstanding networking with tens of thousands of meetings is one of the hallmarks of an ITC event.

In addition to giving Industry Managers the chance to connect with entrepreneurs and explore business relationships; They are allowed to see leaders in all categories, including property and casualty, life, health, small business, and specialty. Interacting with insurance industry leaders, 70% of whom are assistant managers and above, will also be the most efficient networking tool that the event will provide them. Entrepreneurs will be given the chance to network with investors, innovators, and develop partnerships with leading industry participants, while learning what investors around the world are willing to finance. Thus, all participating entrepreneurs will understand the mentality of the industry at the end of the event and will be able to learn where the market is heading. Investors will be given visibility into companies at all stages and strategies. With an understanding of the competitive landscape and mindset of prospective buyers around the world, they will be able to meet thought leaders and leave with a deep understanding of the forces that shape the world.

With the removal of worldwide travel restrictions, the biggest event of the industry, which expects a lot of participation, will take place at ITC Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay on September 20 - 22, 2022! After successfully hosting thousands of delegates in 2021, the ITC team worked extremely hard to make the 2022 event an event never seen before, and the ITC team has taken all measures to ensure the safe conduct of this face-to-face event. ITC Vegas continues to follow all local CDC guidelines, along with a high emphasis on community safety. A total package of 3 days of world-class content, networking, meetings, an exciting showroom, breakfast, lunch, networking experiences and more is offered to everyone attending the event.

Until this time, in ITC Las Vegas events; More than 30,000 of the world's biggest insurance leaders participated in innovative meetings, more than 75,000 conversations that changed and developed the industry were held with the meetings, the most global meeting environment was provided for insurance leaders thanks to the participation of more than 100 countries, More than 70% of C Level executives listened Conferences were held where decisions were made about the Insurtech ecosystem. At ITC Las Vegas 2022, we will witness a much more advanced industry meeting.

For detailed information, please contact us at info@insurtech.org; We will be happy to assist you.