Organized for the first time in Turkey, Turkey Insurance Fair was held in Antalya between 03 - 05 March. In this event, which included approximately 3 thousand participants from all insurance sector stakeholders; Important issues were discussed by competent speakers. The Digital Insurance panel, which I am honored to moderate, was highly sought after by the participants and was completed with the speeches of invaluable panelists that shed light on the sector. In the Digital Insurance panel; We talked about digitalization and Insurtechs from the perspective of all agencies, brokers and insurance companies, especially the insured and their candidates. Erhan Acar, one of the panelists, will be a very valuable channel for the insurance industry to collect data on the insured, as digital usage and advertising expenditures have increased with the effect of the pandemic. Digital marketing is not just about selling products. "We need to manage digital channels like a media company, we have to create a story and share in a way that makes it a part of their lives, a part of the emotion, not about the product we sell," he said. Fatih Acer emphasized that all stakeholders of the industry should support the development of insurtech startups in our country. He emphasized that the Open insurance legislation, such as the Open banking legislation, should now be enacted for the development of Insurtechs. Bilal Türkmen, Our policyholders expect speed, flexibility and empathy at the time of insurance sale and damage. Insurance companies provide services to the insured through agency channels, increasing the channel's experience is to increase the insured's experience. "We are making investments to increase and digitize the experience of all channels reaching the insured," he said. Pınar Güzey, we have developed hybrid digital projects for our agencies to reach new insured candidates. Our agencies need to use technologies that can digitize their processes, reach more insured candidates, increase their income and reduce costs. We should discuss together how our agencies should be able to use these technologies and how they should be more efficient. Şenol Ortaç, In Insurance, we do all our work for our policyholders. Our policyholders want faster, more offers, higher coverage and faster damage services. If we do not provide better service as an insurance company or agency, the insured goes elsewhere. Our agencies have to provide better service than their competitors, they have to make a difference by increasing their service quality by digitalizing. During the damage processes, our insured want to know the condition of the vehicle. Our services have to make a difference in their services. We will prefer experts, experts who know image processing technologies. All stakeholders of the insurance ecosystem have to go digital in order to make a difference in their services. Berk Bacakoğlu, We collect data from insurance companies of SBM. With our Insurance Wallet project, we will enable our policyholders to manage all their policies on a single mobile application. The open data portal said, "We aim to anonymize certain data in the world and share it with all sectors, and to make the data more meaningful with startups, technology companies and stakeholders with artificial intelligence technologies and to make it available to the sector again." We also want to extract the risk scores of the insured. We want to collect a lot of data instantly with our IOT and telematics projects, and we want to advance our project after regulatory regulations. We aim to implement our rapid damage estimation project with image processing technology in the mobile accident report. We have award-winning projects that turn wrong queries right with NLP technology. I am learning to examine examples of GPT 3 artificial intelligence technologies. In order to increase our efficiency, we must analyze our Insurance companies and agencies data. Fatih Acer, all the stakeholders of the sectors, we should support their faster development by making more collaborations and investments with Insurtech startups for the development of the sector. The enactment of open insurance legislation such as open banking will be very important for the development of insurtechs. Collaborations between the insurance industry and academies are necessary in order to train insurers who know technology and digital in our vocational high schools and universities. In order for our agencies to fully digitalize and use technologies more efficiently, the support of insurance companies is essential. While digitizing, the importance of data security and KVKK is increasing day by day. You can watch our full information panel on digital insurance and Insurtech from the link below.