The first Roundtable, Health & Wellness, will be held on Friday 24th May. The Roundtables are designed to discuss issues and opportunities around a specific topic and identify possible insurtech solutions to meet those needs. These needs maybe generic to the sector, such as fraud prevention and detection, or specific in nature to a company, such as a new app for their customers. Either way, this will help the Insurtech Hub identify the needs of the sector and start searching for our new batch of Start-ups or if necessary locate a software provider that can meet these demands. Each Roundtable will be moderated by a suitable expert in that particular area, each meeting will last 2 hours, and will have at least one specific goal. The moderator for the first meeting will be Dr Arzu AkkaƟ who is the Health & Wellness Director of Insurtech Hub, she has more than 20 years’ experience in the health and insurance sectors. The attendees will include members only from insurance companies, software companies, start-ups, assistance companies and relevant experts where necessary. Each company can send one or two representatives to the roundtable. 

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