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Accident Insurance

Accident insurance is a common insurance policy for small business owners as it protects the company from liability if a worker damages company property.


The situation where there is no financial obligation between people, that is, the transaction of receivables or payables is terminated, is called "release".


It is a professional system that evaluates the financial risks in the insurance sector, produces solutions and examines the future aspects of solutions.


Professional people who develop solutions in the financial sector, draw long-term results and evaluate risks.


Antispam, whose Turkish equivalent is "Spam E-mails", is the preparation and application of software to prevent spam from entering the system.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to systems or machines that mimic human intelligence to perform tasks and can iteratively improve themselves based on the information they collect.

Assistance Service

In insurance types such as health, housing, vehicle and life insurance, it is called the additional benefits provided by the insurance company to the insured in case of unexpected damage, accident or breakdown.


It is the system that confirms whether the user's identity matches or not.

Autonomous Vehicle

Also known as "robot vehicle", it is a vehicle system that moves automatically depending on today's technology without human touch.


It is the payment made by the insurance company to the insured to cover the damage as a result of any damage to the ship, which is used in maritime trade.


B2B is the e-commerce business model, which is the channels between business partners “business to company” with the English Business to Business. E.g; Business models between business partners, such as an insurance company and its headquarters.


B2C, the abbreviation of Business to Customer in English, is an e-commerce business model where sales are made from "company to consumer", that is, to the insurance owner. Insurance companies, agents, brokers or banks offer insurance directly to customers and sell policies.


Bancassurance, also known as bancassurance, is the meeting of an insurance company and a bank on a common platform and marketing insurance products to consumers who are bank customers. In summary; is the merger of insurance and banking on common platforms.


In this system, which is based on recognizing the person, it is an application that deals with security such as fingerprint matching, face recognition and retinal scans.

Black Hat Hacker

The system that destroys files and secretes malicious software by providing unauthorized access to information networks is called "Black Hat Hacker".


It is a shared and non-modifiable large ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions in a business network and tracking intangible and tangible assets. Blockchain (Blockchain), which has a chain structure consisting of blocks, is a distributed database system that provides encrypted transaction tracking.

Business Security

They are the units responsible for the problems that may harm the business related to accidents such as fire, explosion, machine malfunctions that may occur in the workplace.


It stands for Certified Ethical Hacker Hackers are people who know how to like users who are bad people about cybercrime, and where they have been used. Generally speaking it benefits from having knowledge and skills from users in the information environment.


Chatbots are chatbots that are used for purposes such as getting information or taking action on the subject you are curious about, as if customers are communicating with a real person through digital messaging. At the same time, chatbots prevent time loss and enable you to progress quickly.

Compulsory Earthquake Insurance

It provides coverage in cases such as fire, explosion, giant wave (tsunami) or landslide caused by an earthquake.


This system, which means reconciliation between the parties, is a term frequently used by companies in matters of creditors and debts.


Conservation, which has passed from French to Turkish, is used in the sense of "preserving". Its basic meaning is the saving of architectural works in case they are deteriorated or rotten, which is called conservation.


It is the guarantee system that the contract to be made with the insured gives to the insurer during the policy issuance.

Cyber Attack

It is the act of making insulting and humiliating publications on the community or directly on the website and social media.

Cyber Blackmail

The practice of blackmailing a person by using a person's photo or information over the internet or social media is called "Cyber Blackmail".

Cyber Reporting

It is a notification system made with the aim of preventing third parties from entering the system as a result of being noticed.

Cyber Security

We spend most of our lives in the electronic field in this time, which has been digitized over time and transformed into the technological age. Meanwhile, the social media we use and their security are of great importance in every aspect. In this virtual environment that I have mentioned, there is a definition of "Cyber Security" to protect against cyber attacks. Cyber security provides all kinds of security of our data in the electronic field as well as the material and moral protection of life in communication between people and institutions.

Cyber Terrorism

'Terrorism', which we know in its normal meaning, is a system that is carried out through social networks and is about changing and obtaining information in areas protected by the state and using it for malicious purposes.

Cyber Threat

It is an informatics threat system that provides interruption and crashing on the network by stealing all valuable data with malicious software and accessing files without authorization.


In general, they are applications made with the aim of attacking the other party with the aim of causing technical damage by using information and communication technologies.


Also called computer crime, it is called a system that covers all malicious software crimes on the system using information networks.


It is a cyber attack that aims to exceed the processing capacity and prevent it from working correctly by sending multiple requests to the web resource you have opened on your computer without the personal consent of the person, causing the website to open many tabs.


It is called the method of harming a system or any object away from it as it is. At the same time, it is the case of damage to the item whose place in the insurance is covered by the policy.

Data Breach

Unauthorized access to sensitive and protected confidential information on a computer is called a 'data breach'.

Data Privacy

It covers the privacy of protecting personal information in all digital systems.


Statement known as notification or request with its general definition; In the insurance sector, it means 'notifying the request' to the insurer for the insurance transaction that will also be covered by the policy.

Digital Footprint

It is a system that records the activities of users online or offline in an electronic database.

Digital Signature

Digital signature is a legal authentication method used for authentication in electronic environment. It is an application developed with the aim of ensuring today's security and at the same time ensuring security in the digital environment, in these days of transition to digital time.


ERP, which stands for "Enterprise Resource Planning" and its Turkish equivalent is "Enterprise Resource Planning", is a system that manages the workforce required for the production of goods and services in general and in an integrated manner.

End-to-End Encryption

In Internet browsers, e-mail or in many messaging systems, the sent messages reach the recipient and the system stored by a third party thanks to software is called 'End-to-End Encryption'.

Ethical Hacking

White hat hackers, generally known as white hat hackers, are trained cyber security experts who are recruited to detect the system problems of the relevant company.


The main purpose of ethercap, which is used as a network security tool, covers virus attacks called packets to users over the network.

Expertise Report

This system, which is used in the automotive industry, is a document prepared as a result of analyzes by expert individuals or independent organizations in line with the demands.


Its abbreviation is “Fear Of Missing Out” and its Turkish equivalent is “fear of missing the opportunity”. Although it appeals to our daily life in general, its main use is commerce and social media. Situations such as missing an opportunity, social interaction, or a profitable investment are called "FOMO".

Field Sales

It is the sales team that works in large or small companies and ensures that the company it represents generates more revenue by selling more.


It was formed as a result of combining the words "finance" and "technology". Its intended use is an industry that uses technology to improve financial services and products. Examples of Fintech include mobile banking and contactless payments.


Firewall, which is the Turkish equivalent of Firewall, is a software and hardware-based network security system that organizes the data packets that fall on the network and go out from the network.

Force Majeure

Force majeure, which is generally a legal term, covers situations such as death, illness and bankruptcy in law, and in the insurance world, situations such as floods, earthquakes, terrorist crimes and strikes are called force majeure. In fact, the common point is used to name events that cannot be stopped after the situation has happened.

Forensic Informatics

It is a system in which data stored as a result of recovering deleted information, messages or photos in electronic devices is used as evidence in forensic works such as courts.


Hacking, which means "Cheating" in Turkish, is called hacking to the people who enter the opposite system without permission and manage it, as well as hacking the system to take over the system from a different and bad way.


It is an attack on the internet against the user with software through illegal sites. They are also referred to as hackers or cybercriminals.


Hacktivism, called internet piracy; It is an act of hacking with the message method based on political political events from the information network.


Hosting, which is also defined as the back side of websites, ensures that all documents in the site are together.


A hotspot, defined as an open Wi-Fi point, is an internet network that we can connect to in all public areas, using the wifi method.


This system, which is produced for all information networks and integrated on secure communication, is also called extensions that are widely used on the internet.


IP, which stands for "Internet Protocol Address" and its Turkish equivalent is "Internet Protocol Address", is the system that provides IP addresses to all computers connected to the Internet, and thus network exchange between computers.

Identity Theft

It is the person's access to someone else's information through illegal means and the use of information on theft and fraud.

Incubation Center

The centers, which are known as business development centers, provide the development of entrepreneurs and provide financial and moral support in all aspects.

Insurance Premium

It is the general name of the payment made through institutions in order for the insured to gain the right to retirement and benefit from health services.


It was formed as a result of the merger of Insurance and Technology. In the insurance sector, it is called many initiatives that provide cost and time savings with technology in many areas. Online insurance sales sites and artificial intelligence technologies that accelerate the sales process are examples of Insurtech.


They are the systems that enable the unification of systems and software in technical structure, and the formation of data flow by coming together.


The concept of the Internet of Things, namely IoT (internet of things) technology, is the communication and communication of smart devices with each other. The data generated here appears as big data, that is, big data. IoT technology is used to work more efficiently, provide better customer service, improve decision-making and increase business value, and better understand customers.

Ip Soofing

'Internet Protocol Address Soofing', which means "Internet Protocol Address Forgery" in Turkish, is a system that allows hackers to enter the system without authorization.


It is a data management system, also called personal data protection law.


LFI, which stands for "Local File Inclusion" and its Turkish equivalent is "Local File Inclusion", is an application that spreads malicious software by requesting files remotely via a server via a computer browser and allowing them to enter my site without a filtering system.

Letter of credit

Letter of credit, known as the payment system in trade, is a preferred payment method in cases where the buyer and seller of the letter of credit trade mutually.

Life Insurance

It is the type of insurance that provides financial security for the family whose main guarantee is the death and who is left behind after death.


Although known as Linux, it is often referred to as an open source operating system. Linux, which is the core software of computer systems, has open source code operation compared to other operating systems.


An international insurance and shipping information center that organizes member insurers.

Local Exploit

Local exploit, which means "Local Exploitation" in Turkish, is an attack made with malicious software and codes aimed at the authorized user used on the system.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a science that deals with the design and development processes of algorithms that enable computers to learn based on data types such as sensor data or databases.


Malwarebytes, which means "malware bytes" in Turkish, is a system that detects and cleans all previously infected viruses, as well as providing cleaning and protection against all harmful and malicious software on the information system.

Missing Insurance

In case the insurance amount shown in the insurance policy is less than the value of the insurance subject.

Mobile Malware

Mobile Malware, Turkish for "mobile malware"; This system, which is used with programs intended for use, is aimed at phones for proof purposes.

Motor Insurance

It is a type of insurance that insures the owner of the insurance in all kinds of risky situations such as theft or attempted theft of the vehicle, damages resulting from traffic accidents and burning of the vehicle.

Network Security

It is a system designed to respond and prevent attacks against all digital data.


The scanning application nikto; It is the application of catching and managing vulnerabilities in technological tools through a Web server.


Nmap, which stands for "Network Mapper" and its Turkish equivalent is "Network Mapper", is a security scanner for computer networks in general.


This application, which is defined as "Public Key Infrastructure", that is, "Public Key Infrastructure", is a service that provides reliable data storage, creation, management and cancellation when the time comes.


Açılımı “Proof of Concept” yani ‘Kavram Kanıtı’ olarak tanımlanan bu uygulama, istenilen veya gerçekleştirilecek projenin tam olarak oluşup oluşmayacağını deneme, denetleme sistemine verilen addır.


It is a key system that protects the account in order to prevent access to the account by different users in computer or mobile online networks.

Penetration Test

It is a defense simulation made to detect malicious software over systems in information networks, foresee the damage and take precautions.


In general, this attack is carried out by the person targeting you, as a result of clicking on e-mails with offensive intent and meaningless content on social networks via sms method, all the information of the other party is captured and this system is called phishing.


It is the document prepared according to the incoming demands that must be met legally, based on mutual agreement with the insurance company.

Private Health Insurance

Beklenmedik anda oluşan hastalık veya kaza gibi durumlarda poliçeniz ve teminatlar dahilinde gerekli sağlık hizmetini sunan bir sigorta türüdür.

Private Pension System

It is a private pension system in which living standards can be maintained and a regular income is obtained during retirement.

Product Liability Insurance

A type of Third Party Liability Insurance that covers the liability that the business may face due to the product produced or sold.

Property Insurance

It refers to your personal belongings, things you own. However, depending on the type of insurance policy you have, property insurance can be defined differently.


Whether or not the insured's treatment costs will be covered according to the agreement within the policy is called the pre-approval process.


Robotic Process Automation offers the opportunity to perform repetitive and precise tasks through machine learning. In this way, these robots, which can perform many predefined tasks in various environments, have evolved from three basic technologies: data copying, workflow automation and artificial intelligence. Thus, RPA; They can check e-mail, connect with allowed apps and APIs, perform calculations, and even gain the ability to issue invoices by verifying invoice amount.


It is a type of software that prevents third parties from accessing the system and files over the computer and harming them.


It is called insuring the policy risks created by insurance companies to a different insurance company.

Residence Insurance

It is a comprehensive insurance type that provides coverage in risky situations such as all kinds of floods, fire, theft and natural disasters that may occur at home.


Risk or risk refers to situations where there is a possibility of loss of a certain event.

SMS Verification

It is the system that is known as the code logoritm and that is integrated into the phone through the system, and verification via sms is requested.

SQL Injection

SQL Injection, which stands for "Structured Query Language" and its Turkish equivalent is "Structured Query Language", is an application that spreads a cyber security threat to database infrastructure systems in general. We provide login permission by getting the user name and password we are used to and it does not contain any malicious intent, but SQL Injection is a malicious system by providing access to all other data of users and web application by following this path.


SaaS is an abbreviation of "Software as a Service", which means "software as a service or service". SaaS as a service refers to a technology that can offer many services only through software; It is a method that includes software that can only be used from a device with an internet connection, without the need for an application and physical hardware. Many services, from calendar to office tools, from storage services to website tools, especially e-mail services, are offered with SaaS. All you need is to purchase the license of the software you will use.

Safe Internet

Its general goal is a system that prevents attacks on the site and the internet, and provides precautions even though it is not secure.


In the market, it is called the startups that see increasing customer demand and their incomes have started to grow exponentially. These initiatives have measurable success indicators and also provide high income and employment to their economies.

Sedan Company

The system of transferring all or a certain part of the risks within a certain insurance policy to a different insurer is called a ceding company.

Sharing Economy

The sharing economy can be defined as an economic model in which goods and resources are shared collaboratively by individuals and groups for the transformation of physical assets into services. The sharing economy allows people and organizations to profit from underutilized resources. The growth of the sharing economy has been facilitated by developments in big data and online platforms. The sharing economy has evolved over the past few years, representing an all-inclusive concept that refers to a range of online business exchanges, which may include business-to-business (B2B) encounters.


It is a system that prevents all information attacks, including open source cyber attacks through the information system.

Social media

It is an online platform where people produce, manage and publish their own content.


It is called the preparation and implementation of software to prevent unwanted e-mail from entering the system.


It is a system adapted to receive data from the computer and transmit it to different people without the consent of the person.


Startups are initiatives and entrepreneurial ideas that deliver the service they offer to the user, are solutions to expectations and needs, have continuity and are open to development and development.

Straight Operation

It is the name of the system that is generally used in commercial areas or payment systems, and that works automatically by proceeding through a completely electronic transaction without applying a manual transaction.


The actual meaning of the term means "replacement, transfer process". If the insured's vehicle is damaged so that it cannot be trafficked, it is transferred to the insured as a result of the fact that the insured's vehicle and a different vehicle have the same characteristics within the scope of the policy, this process is called "substitution".


In informatics, it is the general name of the application that provides access to the system of a different user through the machines over the internet network.

Traffic Insurance

It is a type of insurance that provides you with material and moral guarantee in the event of an accident, and at the same time, it is mandatory for everyone who will be on the road.


A transfer, or in other words a cession, is a system of transferring all responsibility for losses and risks to the reinsurer by making a certain amount of payment.

Travel Insurance

It is covered by the policy in cases such as injury, illness or accident that may occur during the journey.

Trojan Horse

The site that covers and installs all malicious software on the operating system is called "Trojan Horse".


They are job acceptance groups that work to protect the economic and social rights of employees and to address the problems that arise.


It is a system that ensures that all informatics users are isolated from internet networks.


VPN, which stands for "Virtual Private Network" and "Virtual Private Network" in Turkish, is a system that allows connecting to various different networks through remote access and extensions.


It is a type of small software that spreads from the current computer to a different computer and as a result causes various information to be deleted.

Wearable Devices

A wearable device is a technology that is worn on the human body or worn as an accessory. Health implants such as smart watches, fitness trackers, insulin trackers are among wearable devices.

Web Security

It is called scanning and securing web sites, including internet browsers, in order to protect them and remove them from harmful devices.

White Hat Hacker

They are good-natured hackers who can solve all computer crimes, which means "white hat hacker" in Turkish, and who know the techniques and software they use.


A transfer or a transfer with its other name is a system of transferring all responsibility for losses and risks to the reinsurer by making a certain amount of payment.