Frequently Asked Questions

Insurtech Hub is an insurance technology ecosystem that brings industry players together tofind and reveal innovative insurance products and services that will change the future of theinsurance industry.

Insurtech refers to the use of technology innovations designed to increase savings andefficiency in the current insurance industry model. It is a combination of "insurance" and"technology", inspired by the English terms. It is a system that provides unlimited support inmany different areas with innovative insurance products and processes built on developingtechnologies, products, and ideas that will facilitate the lives of all stakeholders in theinsurance industry and minimize their risks.

Innovative technology High efficiency Operational savings More risk-free life Minimizing and preventing the risk Future preparation for the industry New products New Startups Investment facilities

Insurtech Startup Mentoring is a program to support entrepreneurs related to the insuranceindustry. We contribute to the acceleration process of selected initiatives. We aim to supportand maintain insurtech-focused projects and to make it sustainable.

  • Giving your startup the chance of success, both locally and globally Taking advantage of tax-advantageous region opportunities
  • Free officeTraining and consultancy
  • Investor interview

When you click the "INSURTECH STARTUP MENTORING PROGRAM APPLICATIONFORM" button on the start-up section in the menu, you will be directed to the relevantapplication page.

  • We focus on speeding up every part of your business
  • Comprehensive support and advice from carefully selected consultants
  • One week of rigorous insurtech trainingImproves program curriculum, calendar, content, and KPIsMatches with a technology partner or sponsoring investor
  • Support, development, and supervision from the technology partner
  • Offer to potential customers
  • Marketing support
  • Matches with an investor to increase working capital