InsurTech is jargon that means insurance technologies. Any initiative that provides faster and less costly solutions with technology that makes every field in the insurance industry more digital is called Insurtech initiative. Thanks to the advanced technology application of initiatives integrating various technologies from artificial intelligence to robotic processes; It saves both labor and time by performing more than 40 processes, from answering questions to creating automatic policy proposals, from approving invoices to contracted institution referrals.

Insurtech Hub Istanbul created the Turkey InsurTech Ecosystem Map, which provides transparency in the insurance industry, depicts the industry-specific entrepreneurial ecosystem in one place, and aims to gather the necessary data. Introduced in collaboration with Yıldız Teknopark, Turkey InsurTech Ecosystem Map includes InsurTech initiatives that focus on business model innovations and new technologies along the insurance value chain. Only active companies are included, but it is reported that new updates will be added regularly.

The ecosystem map created by InsurTech Hub Istanbul with the vision of becoming a larger ecosystem; It aims to become an ecosystem that hosts the initiatives in the DACH Region, then the Insurtechs of the entire European continent, and then the entire World data. InsurTech Ecosystem Map Study by Insurtech Hub Istanbul; It has been created as a result of meticulous preparation, which continues with the compilation of basic information in order to create a data pool for the studies carried out within the insurance sector, to increase the visibility of the businesses and their services, most importantly to create Insurtech awareness and to accelerate the digital transformation in the insurance sector.

The most important feature that distinguishes it from other start-up ecosystem studies is the distinction between “Insurtech Start-ups” and “Related Insurtech Start-ups”. While the start-ups in the white parts of the map only appeal to the insurance sector, the start-ups in the yellow parts serve not only the insurance sector but also other sectors. If the start-ups listed under nine different categories appeal to more than one category, they are presented in the category they mainly address.

In the Insurtech Conferences and Awards 2022 event held within the scope of 03 – 05 March 2022 Turkey Insurance Fair, this work was announced in detail and presented to the entire insurance industry live. All the initiatives in this study, which promise fast solutions to the need-oriented technology search after being announced to the sector; It is presented to investors, corporate partners, sponsors and other interested parties. Thus, it is foreseen that it will accelerate digital transformation in many areas of the sector.

You can access detailed information about many technology companies that add value to the insurance industry from the Insurtech Start-up List on our website www.insurtech.org.