Roostify and Covered Insurance partner

Mortgage technology provider Roostify now supports integration with the Comprehensive Insurance Marketplace to streamline the homeowners insurance purchasing process. Customers using the Roostify platform can give borrowers the option to explore multiple insurance offers and compare annual premiums, home limits and deductions. On the Roostify platform, users can connect with the Insured insurance advisors through the communication channel of their choice for training and support. "Our integration with Covered is a big step forward in continuing to simplify the home loan process by enhancing the customer experience when shopping for home insurance," says Rajesh Bhat, co-founder and CEO of Roostify. “We help lenders offer greater convenience in their workflow and increase customer satisfaction, exemplifying Roostify's goal of providing the most customer-friendly, modern homeowner journey from start to finish.” Added Bhat.

Providing a more personalized experience

Founded in 2016, Covered is an established insurance platform. As a leading independent insurtech, it offers a comprehensive online insurance marketplace with more than eight insurance products, personalized quote options from more than 30 carriers, and multiple policy purchasing methods. The company aims to make it easy to compare, shop and buy personalized insurance in minutes with the best coverage and rates. “Our built-in insurance capabilities provide a more personalized borrower experience, streamline transaction timelines, and intersect with the customer when and where they need it most,” said Covered CEO Ross Diedrich. "Roostify's integration with Covered allows both organizations to truly elevate the home loan experience based on customer satisfaction and convenience."

With this experience on the lender portal, borrowers can discover multiple insurance offers within minutes and quickly compare annual premiums, home limits and deductions. On the Roostify platform, users can connect with Insured Insurance Advisors for training and support through the communication channel of their choice. This integration accelerates the loan lifecycle by giving borrowers the flexibility to buy the best rates and choose the way homeowners complete the insurance process. The integration of the Covered Insurance Market is another step forward in digitizing and simplifying the home loan process for the company. It also underscores Roostify's continued commitment to helping facilitate a better lending experience for both lenders and borrowers.