As Insurtech Hub Istanbul, we are breaking new ground in order to raise awareness about the usage areas of technologies in the sector and digital transformation!

With the Insurtech Agency Acceleration Program, specially designed for agencies, one of the most important distribution channels of the insurance industry, every agency can become "En Insurtech"!

The main purpose of this program, which Insurtech Hub started in order to digitize agencies, is to increase the effective use of digital channels, to adapt technology to business processes and to provide more sustainable service to its customers. In order to contribute to the digitalization of insurance agencies, which is one of the most important distribution channels of the insurance industry, many trainings will be provided for both the insurance industry and digital transformation.

Application Deadline: May 15, 2022

The Insurtech Agency Acceleration program is aimed to contribute greatly to the digital transformation of the insurance industry and the development of insurance agencies! Participating candidates who meet the determined criteria and complete their application until 15 May 2022; they will be pre-assessed. After the preliminary evaluation, "participation invitation" will be sent to those who are entitled to be participants. And thus, the adventures of digital transformation will begin! First, an inventory study will be made for each participant, and the needs shaped by wishes and expectations will be listed. Thus, customized development programs covering technology installation and training will be created.

We are waiting for your applications to be one of the agencies that will make regular development with reports and feedback thanks to the analyzes to be made regularly and to be included among the "EN INSURTECH AGENCIES" as a result of the program.

*Applications are free.